Jordan Border Visa Requirements


Traveling abroad can be a wonderful experience…but it does require some paperwork. In addition to having a passport, entering a foreign country typically requires a visa. Traveling to Jordan is no different. Here is what you should know about border visas when traveling to Jordan.

Who needs a Visa? 

Since requirements are changing all the time, we suggest you check this Wikipedia page for the latest requirements.

Where Can I Obtain a Visa?

You can obtain a visa at any embassy, consulate, or legation in Jordan. Visas are also available for those flying into the Queen Alia International Airport in the Jordanian capital of Amman. Also, visas can be obtained at most border crossings, although there are some exceptions to that (see below).

What Border Crossings Are Visas Unavailable?

Visitors entering Jordan through the King Hussein Bridge (also known as the Allenby Bridge) from the West Bank won’t be able to obtain a visa at the border. The same is true for visitors taking a ferryboat from Egypt to enter Jordan. Also, visas are no longer being issued at the Wadi Araba crossing unless you are part of an Israeli tour group.

Prior arrangements to obtain a visa must be made when entering through the three borders mentioned above. 

How Much Does a Jordanian Visa Cost?

A single-entry visa into Jordan will cost $56, which equates to 40 Jordanian dinars (JD). Multiple-entry visas are also available for $170 (or 120 JD).

All visa’s must be paid in local currency. Currency exchange centers are available in the airport and at most border crossings. The exchange rate is fixed so you don’t need to worry about deflating/inflating currency. Every $1 is 0.709JD. You can read more about the fixed exchange rate here

How Long Does My Visa Last?

A single-entry visa to Jordan will typically be valid for one month. If you plan to stay longer, it can usually be extended by visiting any Jordanian police station.

A multiple-entry visa will typically be valid for six months. However, they cannot be extended beyond six months.

Is There a Fee When Leaving Jordan?

There are no fees for leaving Jordan via the airport. However, if you decide to leave through all other border crossings, Jordan has a departure fee of $13 (8 JD). 

Is There A Way to Get a Free Visa?

Yes! Book a travel package with us, and you will get a visa-free entry to Jordan!