Ma’in Waterfalls and Hot Springs

One of the most popular natural wonders in the Middle East, the Ma'in Waterfalls and Hot Springs attract visitors for both the stunning beauty and the therapeutic, natural relief from bathing in the springs. And because of the mild winter climate, it's become renowned as a year-round escape for some of the best therapeutic tourism on the planet. If you enjoy a spa treatment, the Ma'in Waterfalls and Hot Springs are an absolutely essential stop.

History and Culture

When the hot springs were referred to as Baaras during the Biblical era, King Herod often visited the area to enjoy the healing powers of the natural hot water springs. And according to cultural records, the villa located next to the waterfalls and springs was the spot where John the Baptist received his beheading. In fact, the book of Exodus repeatedly mentions Madaba as a vital epicenter for a wide variety of cultures. Around the start of the 8th century, Madaba became the commercial center of Jordan, as well as one of the most important links for businesses on the road between the Far East and Southern Europe. Today, it's a popular oasis destination with resort-style amenities, including a wide variety of spa treatments.

Things to See in and around Ma’in Hot Springs

Ma'in Waterfall

Located next to numerous smaller waterfalls, the main waterfall at Ma'in flows over a cliff sitting under one of the most upscale resorts in Jordan. As the most popular tourist attraction, the main waterfall is typically full of families and young couples that enjoy soaking in the water and basking beneath the powerful sun. To blend in, visitors to the Ma'in waterfall should consider wearing conservatively designed swimwear to respect tradition.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

As the only natural area spanning the four different bio-geographical zones in Jordan, the Dana Biosphere Reserve represents a protected zone of beauty, history, and bio diversity. The reserve is a melting pot of animal species that originated in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Many of the plant and animal species living in the reserve are considered rare. In fact, the rare species would be considered endangered species in the United States. Some of the rare animal species include the Sand Cat, Syrian Wolf, and Spiny Tailed Lizard.

Things to Do in and around Ma’in Waterfalls

Rated five stars, the Ma’in Spa Resort has the sauna rooms and natural spring water pools that provide the therapeutic relief sought by many of the visitors to Ma’in Waterfalls and Hot Springs. The swimming pool and hotel restaurants offer guests a clear view of the beautiful mountain landscape, and guests have access to an integrated health treatment center that specializes in therapeutic massages.

Therapeutic Tourism

Many of the tourists to Ma’in Waterfalls and Hot Springs seek treatment for long-term health issues, including muscle pain and circulatory issues. The chemical elements in the hot spring water are helpful in treating cases of chronic rheumatism and varicose veins. Visitors have also found relief in the soothing hot spring water for anxiety and depression. Steam treatments also help alleviate the symptoms of severe respiratory disease.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Ma’in Waterfalls and Hot Springs

Deciding on when to visit Ma’in Waterfalls and Hot Springs depends on your personal preferences. Unlike other parts of Jordan, the area is busy during winter, when the mild climate is ideal for enjoying the springs. However, during summer when the temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the Madaba region of Jordan experiences its highest concentration of tourists.

This is a popular destination – book your room far in advance no matter when you're planning on coming.